Film Finances Australasia ("FFA") will ask you to send us a copy of each of these. We will read the script and analyse the budget and production schedule in order to establish that the project is feasible.

It is often helpful for us to meet with the Producer, Director, Production Manager and any other members of the key creative staff.

Once FFA is satisfied that the project can be realised for the budget Film Finances can issue a letter outlining the intention to be involved in the project and stating the Fee, the total Gross Budget and the Contingency amount.

Also, FFA will provide a list of legal documents to be supplied to the lawyers. The legal documents will include all agreements detailing that the financing will be in place prior to issuance of the bond; chain of title; details of deferments; key personnel agreements; insurance cover notes including Entertainment Package, Public Liability, Errors & Omissions and Essential Elements if necessary; production bank details; delivery date(s); delivery materials and lab details. Should the legal requirements be satisfied, FFI is ready to close when you are.