Once the project is in preproduction we will stay in touch by phone and email and make the occasional visit. Once the shoot starts we require daily updates on the progress of the production.

We are emailed each day’s Call Sheet and Daily Progress Report. We are copied on weekly Cost Reports. Our interest is purely in ensuring that everything is proceeding on schedule so, although we are available for advice and consultation, we will not involve ourselves unless there are production problems or we are requested to take action by the producer.

If we have to, however, we take the necessary steps to keep the production on the rails. That could involve anything from a simple discussion with key creative personnel to replacing a member of the team. This is a rare situation though, and we would prefer to work with the production team rather than replace them.

Once principal photography is complete, we continue to monitor the production and will be in constant contact with the Producer or Post Production Supervisor. We stay with the project right up until it is delivered to and accepted by the distributor or broadcaster.