The Film Finances business was founded in 1950 to provide guarantees of completion to financiers of motion pictures. At the time, producers of motion pictures were finding it increasingly difficult to borrow money from banks because the producers could not show how budget overages, if any, could be met. The original founders of the company were film producers who had learned that mortgaging all they owned against potential budget overages was not a viable proposition. The Completion Guarantor was able to provide financiers with the assurance that the film would be delivered on time and that any over budget costs would not be the financier's responsibility.

Film Finances Inc has given completion guarantees to all the leading banks involved in the entertainment industry, and to all the major studios and distributors of motion pictures.

There are now offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Scandinavia, UK, Germany and Japan. Offices around the world are able to monitor pictures around the clock and are able to call upon numerous contacts to give clients information concerning film and television production in virtually every country where pictures are being produced.

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