Film Finances Australasia (“FFA”) will start by reviewing the script, the shooting schedule, budget and financing plan in detail. We discuss the project with the producer and other key personnel. Once we have done our analysis of the project and we are satisfied the production plan is realistic, our report is submitted to Film Finances Inc (“FFI”).

Once FFI issues a letter of intent to the producer, the necessary legal documents can be prepared..

Being truly independent, FFA is able to advise without any potential conflict of interest and can often be a significant help in progressing a film through the complex final stages of setting up. We continue to monitor all stages of post-production until the project is delivered in accordance with the distribution agreements.

FFA appreciate only too well that making productions for the screen, from film to video and transmedia, is a creative process employing fine talents. Our task is to help foster that process and we generally enjoy a very close relationship with the production companies, producers, directors and key production personnel. We work closely with the finance teams on our projects and also make periodic visits to the studio or to the location.