The Film Finances business was founded in London in 1950. Film Finances Inc (“FFI”) is represented in eight offices around the world, with the head office in Los Angeles. The Australian Office opened in 1980 and, since then, FFI has issued completion guarantees with a total value of more than $2.7 billion to film financiers for Australian and New Zealand productions including feature films, mini series, animation and documentaries.

Worldwide guarantees have been issued for the completion and delivery of approximately 6,500 feature films, television series, movies of the week, films on tape, animation, video games and documentaries shot in almost every part of the world. Budgets range from AU$100,000 to AU$100 million and locations vary from Toronto to Tehran, Boonah to Bratislava and Queens to Queenstown.

FFI is proud to have guaranteed completion on some of the most successful motion pictures ever produced and to have helped many producers and directors make their first films. Amongst these are a wide range of Australian and New Zealand projects from Shine, The Man from Snowy River and Whale Rider to Ten Canoes, Boy and the animated Mary & Max. The television projects in Australia cover the award-winning mini-series Underbelly, East West 101 and many more such as The Circuit, East of Everything, First Australians and 3 Acts of Murder.

Elsewhere internationally, FFI has provided completion guarantees for movies including The African Queen, Russia House, Trainspotting, Rambo, The Crying Game, Slumdog Millionaire and The King's Speech.

All motion pictures guaranteed by FFI are insured through the London insurance market, and as a result financiers of motion pictures guaranteed by FFI receive assurances that their investment will be secured by Lloyds of London and Underwriters.